A horse stable in central urban Milwaukee

MKE Urban Stables provides equine-assisted services and programs to youth and veterans

With the construction complete in May 2020, we became the first facility in the nation to combine equine-assisted therapy, community engagement programs, and mounted police patrol with a total of 24 horse stalls, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, classrooms, multi-purpose community room, and plenty of parking.


Connecting people with horses and each other, to build community through service, care and healing.


Our team is comprised of professionals in equine excellence


Arion is a 12-year-old off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding. There is no doubt that he would rather be running his heart out, but his body just can’t handle the strain anymore. He is very curious and often likes to touch his nose to whatever has caught his attention! He is our biggest challenge, requiring a lot of TLC and food. He is very picky about what treats he likes, but seems to prefer sugar cubes and carrots! Overall, Arion is a big, beautiful boy with a kind and caring soul.


Bracken is a 21-year-old Dales Pony gelding. What can we say…Bracken is THE BOMB! He is a favorite in the barn, with staff, clients, visitors, and volunteers. He is an intuitive and human-like counselor of broken souls. In therapy sessions he is a mind-reader, making soulful connections with everyone he meets. Bracken is also on loan to us from a dear friend of the Stables.


Khane is a 15-year-old Paint QH gelding who is the newest addition to our herd, on loan to us from a very generous local horsewoman. We weren’t sure how he would react to living with donkeys, but he quickly became their ambassador. He just loves them. Khane is already known as the “confidence builder” in therapy sessions. He loves to entertain a crowd and in human terms he would be known as the class clown or the life of the party!

Hawkeye & Franny

Hawkeye, Franny’s best friend, is a 20+ year old miniature horse gelding who came to us from the Humane Society with Franny. He was also untouched and ran away from people. Hawkeye is now just as friendly as Franny! He works with Franny during therapy sessions to mirror human behavior. Hawkeye likes training and working on new things; he is quick to learn once he understands! He also very much enjoys any sweet treats!

Franny, Hawkeye’s best friend, is a 20 + year old miniature horse mare that came to us from the Human Society. She was in a field and untouched for ten years, as far as we know! When she first came to us, she was very spooky and did not want to be around people. Now she will greet people at the gate. She and Hawkeye work as a team in therapy sessions. They have been most successful at group therapy. They are very good at mirroring human behavior, which the therapist can then point out to the clients. Franny is especially fond of anything sweet and chasing the train next to her paddock!

Prissy & PJ

Prissy is a 20-year-old female miniature donkey. The mascot and matriarch of MKE Urban Stables! She is slow in her demeanor, but sweet and solid. Prissy is caring and intuitive; if she has a message to communicate with you, she will not quit until you understand. Some say that donkeys are stubborn, but in fact they are thoughtful and careful.

PJ is a 5-year-old miniature donkey. PJ is Prissy’s sidekick. He is young and still learning the ropes. He loves and trusts kids more than adults. By the looks of his damaged ear, he has suffered some trauma in his life, just like so many of the people that come to the Stables. Our kind and consistent environment has allowed his personality to shine!

mary Mcintosh

Executive Director

Mary McIntosh - Executive Director MKE Urban Stables

After 13 years of successful leadership of two high-performing schools in Milwaukee, Mary McIntosh joined our team.

She most recently served as the president of St. Thomas More High School, where she was responsible for all administrative operations of the school, including finance, technology, and development. Before St. Thomas More, Mary was the president of Notre Dame School of Milwaukee. With a degree in Finance from UW-Whitewater, she brings other business and non-profit experience with strategic planning, team-building, and marketing and communications.

Mary lives in Waukesha and enjoys nature and the great outdoors with her four dogs, a golden retriever, and three border collies.


2021 & 2022 Membership Roster


Kent Lovern
Chief Deputy District Attorney,
MKE District Attorney’s Office

Ed Krishok
Managing Director, Urban
Ecology Center

David Lubar
President & CEO, Lubar & Co.

Jim Phillips
Attorney, Godfrey & Kahn SC


Mary Avery
Consultant, Avery Consulting Group, LLC

William Coleman
President, Coleman & Williams, Ltd.

Marianne Canter
Consultant, Canter Consulting, LLC

Steve Ethier
Sr. Vice President, Stadium Operations – Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

Lisa Froemming
Retired Philanthropy Executive

Mahleah Calderon Henes

Elizabeth Idleman 
Asst. GC and Asst. Secretary, Northwestern Mutual

Richard Lincoln

Dan Nelson, Jr.
President & CEO, Nelson Schmidt Inc.

Jill Pelisek
Lawrence G. Regner Executive-in-Residence & Adjunct Professor, Lubar School of Business, UW Milwaukee

Fred Royal, Jr.
1st Vice President-NAACP Milwaukee Branch; Manager of Youth Services – The Center for Self Sufficiency

Carl Wesley, Ed.D
President & CEO – The Center for Self-Sufficiency


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